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    Cronica de una muerte anunciada (1987)
    Titolo originale: Cronaca di una morte annunciata
    By Francesco Rosi
    Country: Italy/Colombia/France


    User Rating: 6.3/10
    Running Time: 109 Minutes 
    Starring: Rupert Everett, Ornella Muti, Anthony Delon, Gian Maria Volontè, Lucia Bosé, Irene Papas
    This Italian dramatization of Gabriel Garcia Marquez is hard to find, so I put it into Spanish movies. It is in Spanish - I think a few actors had to be dubbed into Spanish while the rest of cast are native Spanish speakers.
    This suspenseful Italian crime drama is set in a Colombian river town and chronicles the series of events that led up to murder. Based on a novel by distinguished author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the tale begins in the present as a middle-aged doctor returns to the village after a twenty-year absence to investigate the murder that occurred just before he left. A flashback ensues. All the trouble began when a wealthy general's son came to town searching for a bride. He found an appropriate girl and was very happy until he discovered that his bride was not a virgin. In a terrible rage he sent the poor girl back to her family where her father beat her into revealing her lover's name. Her twin brothers then set out to punish the guilty fellow, a much-despised womanizer. Though the entire town knew that the brothers planned to kill him, no one intervened. Strangely, the victim died without a fight. The story jumps back to the present to witness the return of the general's son. He runs into his former fiancee and quietly hands back all of the letters she had written him over the years. Not a single one is opened.
    E' la drammatica storia di Santiago Nasar, giovane arabo accusato di aver violato la bella Angela Vicario e per questo condannato a morte barbara dai fratelli di lei, dopo che il marito, Bayardo San Roman, l'aveva restituita ai genitori dopo la prima notte di nozze, essendosi accorto della sua perduta verginità.
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    Thank you so much for providing the source! But does it have English subtitle?

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