Crying Out Love (2004)

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    In 1980s Kyushu, two teenagers fell in love, and exchanged their secrets and thoughts by way of sending tape recordings to each other. More than a decade later, the boy (now grown-up and bittered) rediscovers the last recording of his long-dead lover's voice. Her words trigger a series of flashbacks illustrating the joyful beginning and tragic end of their relationship.

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    UnSeeN == Proudly presents: Sekai No Chushin De Ai O Sakebu (2004) ===================
    Release Date:                
    Release Info:                                                                
                  Ripper : MooNWaLkeR
                  Runtime: 02.38.31 min                                          
                  Video Codec:    XviD                                    
                  Video Bitrate:  1113 kbps                                    
                  Aspect Ratio:   2.31.1                              
                  Resolution:     704 x 304                          
                  Frame Rate:     25 fps                                        
                  Audio Codec:    AC3                              
                  Audio Bitrate:  48000Hz 384 kb/s total (5 chnls)                  
                  Audio Language: Japanese

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