Cup Of My Blood (2005)

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    A seemingly random acccident leaves porn photographer Jack Fender in possesion of Christianity's most Holy Relics. He must confront Evil's relentless assualt of blood soaked murder, sex, and deceit for the preservation of an entire faith, and his own soul.

    Cup of My Blood is one of the better low-budget horror straight-to-video indies I’ve seen in a while. If you like religious-wrought horror that’s just a tad over the top, and all the sacrilegious and decadently stylish trappings that go with it, you could do a lot worse at the video store.

    User Rating: 4.6/10 (445 votes)

    Daniel Patrick Sullivan ... Jack Fender
    Janina Gavankar ... Iona
    Allie Smith ... Tina
    Roger Anderson ... Sparky
    Lance Mulvaney ... Alex

    Password: contempt

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