NitroFlare Cutting Edge Post-Production Tour 2015

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    Cutting Edge Post-Production Tour 2015

    Like Alex Buono, Adam Epstein is part of the Saturday Night Live Film Unit (he's an editor there; Buono is DP). Also like Alexo Buono (and Vincent LaForet, for that matter), he's headlining an MZed tour, this one titled Cutting Edge Post-Production. It is a one-day (and evening) event which, according to the web site, will:

    ".show exactly what it takes to go from an empty timeline to a high-quality, ready-for-broadcast piece."

    If my own experience attending Buono's The Art of Visual Storytelling or my buddy's experience attending LaForet's Directing Motion are any indication, this is going to be a very informative, entertaining and fast-paced day.

    MZed - the people who create these events - apparently has this kind of thing down. Each one is a learn-by-going-behind-the-scenes-and-recreating-some-of-it experience led by a very accomplished professional with outstanding presentation and - surprise - storytelling skills.

    Spending a day at Buono's Visual Storytelling event convinced me that it was the best combination of technique, anecdotes, learn-by-doing, and gear-head heaven in a relatively intimate setting I've ever seen.

    And because of what I experienced there, I am willing to go out on a limb and tell you, sight unseen - if you are an editor and this kind of thing interests you - do it. Spend the bucks, take the day and enjoy.

    If you can't attend in person, you can always check out their downloads.
    Cutting Edge Post-Production Tour Overview

    From MZed Press:

    The Cutting Edge Post-Production Tour will show exactly what it takes to go from an empty timeline to a high-quality, ready-for-broadcast piece. By using the full, original source media and project files from some of the most popular recent pieces from the SNL Film Unit, Adam will share numerous techniques, theories and editorial insight into what goes into taking a piece from start to finish while under intense delivery deadlines.


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