CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 12.0.2118a.57

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    CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 12.0.2118a.57 | 276MB

    Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra - one of the best of modern software players, which allows you to play multimedia files in any format from any source. The application can also be used for playing audio files from a digital music library, in addition, the new version allows you to view photos in a slide show. Its main advantages include high image quality, user-friendly interface with skins and good adjustability.

    addition to standard playback features films and programs, the package PowerDVD 12 has greatly improved tools for synchronization and streaming content. PowerDVD now can act as a single media server for video, photos and music, supporting sync with various PC and Android-based devices on the LAN. Finally, you can force the upload of media content from the catalog PowerDVD on your chosen device. This way, you can force transfer video from your PC to Android-tablet or vice versa.

    Another important advantage of PowerDVD 12 is the ability to view, publish and save photos from Facebook albums and Flickr. It also supports buying music tracks through the store 7digital Music Store, without leaving the program - get a kind of analogue service iTunes for Windows and Android.

    main advantage of previous versions is all about power PowerDVD movie playback functions - it's worth noting that, in version 12, these benefits are preserved in full. Updated product still able to play DVD and Blu-ray, as well as with video files in various formats. At the same time, the features, added support for playlists, zoom the video stream, as well as an impressive feature of the conversion of two-dimensional images into three-dimensional (works with discs Blu-ray, require special glasses).

    What's New in CyberLink PowerDVD:
    - Playback recorded 3D TV (ISDB-T Standard) NEW
    - 3D Photo support (MPO / JPS) NEW
    - Instant Seek for DVD movies NEW
    - Photo viewing (JPG / BMP / TIFF / RAW / PNG) NEW
    - TrueTheater 3D for photos NEW
    - TrueTheater 3D on photos from Facebook / Flickr NEW
    - TrueTheater Enhancement of videos streaming from smart devices / DLNA servers / YouTube NEW
    - PowerDVD Remote app (iPhone / Android) NEW
    - Streaming video ** / photo from app NEW
    - Touch pad gesture control from app NEW
    - Download video / photo from app NEW
    - YouTube video playback NEW
    - Facebook, Flickr playback & download NEW
    - Add comments to Facebook / Flickr photos NEW
    - Upload 3D video to YouTube NEW
    - Stream content with DTCP-IP protection NEW

    • New! - Playback of 3D Blu-ray. *
    • New! - Conversion of 2D-3D video using TrueTheater ™ 3D. **
    • New! - Convert DVD-Video to 3D using TrueTheater ™ 3D. **
    • New! - Playback MKV (H.264).
    • New! - Playback FLV (H.264).
    • New! - Playback RM / RMVB (if installed RealPlayer).
    • New! - Interference suppression technology TrueTheater ™ - suppression in the source video during playback.
    • New! - Stabilizer TrueTheater ™ - eliminating jitter video during playback.
    • Technology TrueTheater ™ HD (High Definition) - scales the original video to a higher resolution, making it more clear and removing artifacts. It can convert video with 480p resolution video at 1080p.
    • Technology TrueTheater ™ Motion - Improves video frames from 24 to 60 frames / sec., Making for smoother panning scenes, particularly in action movies.
    • Video Enhancement Technology TrueTheater ™ Lighting (CyberLink Eagle Vision2) - dynamically adjust brightness, contrast and saturation in very dark or very bright scenes. It is optimized for LCD monitors.
    • Technology stretching video TrueTheater ™ Stretch (CyberLink Pano Vision) - ensures minimal distortion in the center of the image. This is the best solution to stretch the video format in 2.35:1 widescreen.
    • High Definition SMPTE VC-1. *
    • High Definition MPEG-4 AVC (H.264). **
    • Intelligent video deinterlacing.

    • New! - HDMI Audio - relaying high flow rates without sacrificing quality.
    • Dolby Digital Plus. *
    • Dolby TrueHD. *
    • Dolby Digital 5.1.
    • Dolby Digital EX. **
    • Dolby Pro Logic IIx. **
    • Dolby Headphone. **
    • Dolby Virtual Speaker. **
    • DTS-HD Master Audio. *
    • DTS. **
    • DTS 96/24. **
    • Supports channel AAC. **
    • TrueTheater ™ - Surround (Multi-channel audio mode).
    • TrueTheater ™ - Surround (Virtual Speaker Mode).
    • TrueTheater ™ - Surround (Headphone Mode).
    • Technology changes the pitch.
    • Sound Equalizer with presets.
    • The effects of visualization of sound.
    • Direct output of 96/24.

    Playback Formats:
    • Play AVCHD. *
    • Play AVCREC. *
    • Playback of BD-R 1.1. *
    • Playback of BD-RE 2.1. *
    • Playback BD Profile 1.1 (View additional materials). *
    • Playback BD Profile 2.0 (BD Live). *
    • Playback of BD-ROM (Blu-ray Disc). *
    • Playback of BD-RE (Blu-ray Disc). *
    • VCPS for DVD + VR with content protection.
    • CPRM for DVD-VR with content protection. **
    • External subtitles.
    • Files DVD (DVD-Video, DVD-VR, DVD + VR) from any folder on your hard drive.

    Advanced technology TrueTheater 3D, first introduced in the version of PowerDVD 10, will provide more efficient conversion of standard video files to DVD media and Blu-Ray in their three-dimensional version. New tools are available to import and display stereoscopic images. Users will be able to apply the 3D-effects to the pictures from the personal collection and create three-dimensional slide show.

    PowerDVD Version 12 supports hardware decoding of video using the advanced development of the companies Intel, AMD and Nvidia, thus allowing to significantly reduce the load on the CPU. A tech support HDMI 1.4, DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD guarantees high quality sound.

    Additional features:
    • New! - Add comments during DVD playback for delivery to a real-time on MoovieLive, Facebook and Twitter.
    • New! - Add bookmarks with comments to the movie DVD for subsequent shipment to MoovieLive and Facebook.
    • New! - Add bookmarks to video files.
    • New! - Upload videos to YouTube.
    • New! - Support for subtitles to video files (SMI, ASS, SSA, PSB, SRT and SUB).
    • Playback PowerDVD Cinema (full support from the remote control.)
    • Plug-in PowerDVD WMC (seamless integration with Windows Media Center).
    • Ability to create a collection of films.
    • Files Movie Remix.
    • Integration with MoovieLive.
    • Supports UPnP - Access your media files from your home network.
    • The Say-It-Again - Automatically repeats the last movie scene.
    • The See-It-All - Automatically fast playback the movie in the review.
    • The Read-It-Clearly - Moves subtitles from view image.

    The procedure for treatment:
    1. Install the program from the folder Distribute
    2. To update the folder Update
    3. Run Reg-file Regkey_32 bit.reg or Regkey_64 bit.reg depending on the bit of your operating system.
    3. Run PowerDVD, it will require activation. press OK
    4. Close PowerDVD
    5. Run the file reg.bat
    6. If the activation window still appears, manually throw DA_ETHANCHV file in C: \ ProgramData \ CyberLink \ PowerDVD12 for Win 7 / Win 8;
    For Windows XP:
    Copy DA_ETHANCHV in C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Application Data \ CyberLink \ PowerDVD12
    7. If desired, you can change the program's settings. All you need for this is located in the Tweak

    P.S. Or set CyberLink_PowerDVD12_Ultra_v1905_DVD120412-05_0725.exe (folder Distribute), quack, and then update is rolled (and others in the future ...)

    • Supports Windows 8.
    • Supports hardware acceleration for playback of 4K video files on
    3rd generation Intel Core i5 CPUs and above.
    • Adds PowerDVD to the player list in Windows Explorer for
    supported media types.
    [Media Library]
    • Optimizes computing power usage when scanning Media
    Library files.
    • Supports the latest 20th Century Fox Blu-ray movies.
    • Improves playback of the \ John Carter'Blu-ray Disc for 2nd and
    3rd generation Intel Core Processors (Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge).
    • Retains original aspect ratio for 3D file playback.


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