Daemon Tools Pro Advanced v4.10. working crack

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    Daemon Tools Pro Advanced Edition

    New links will be added very soon!!

    WORKS on win7 32-bit very well (look at the image) but, people reporting problems with win7 64-bit :( very sorry

    How to install:
    1. Install application using the provided installer.
    2. Don't run it until you rename and put the crack in installed dir.
    3. First, rename the original cryptapi.dll in installed dir to cryptapi_.dll
    4. Then, put the supplied cracked cryptapi.dll and dtprohlp.dll
    5. Run application and register with your own email and name.
    6. The application will be activated offline and the key will be generated based
    on your hardware id.
    Very easy and takes 1 minute!
    After successful intsallation you can use it for unlimited time

    If error message says "unable to add adapter insufficient privileges" just right click and run as administrator.
    If this program doesn't work on your computer then it is your computer's fault, don't immediately post "it doesn't work or don't install"


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