Dames (1934)

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    Dvd English

    Screen Resolution 720 x 480

    IMDB User Rating: 7.1/10

    Directors Ray Enright, Busby Berkeley

    Genre Comedy | Musical

    Broadway productions And their angels(fianancial backers)propel this vintage musical that stars Dick Powell, Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler and Zasu Pitts.Ray Enright directs, but is the kaleidoscopic dance routines choreographed by Busby Berkeley, who certainly knew put a chorus as well as a camera through it's paces... That stun. Classic tunes from the American songbook includes "I Only Have Eyes For You" ,"When You Were a Smile on Your Mother's Lips", "The Girl at the Ironing Board", "Dames" and "Try to See It My Way".

    Imdb Plot:Multi millinaire Ezra Ounce wants to start a campain against 'filthy' forms of entertainment, like Broadway-Shows. He comes to his relatives families and makes them members od his morale-boosting campain. But Jimmy, another relative is producing a show, starring Ezra's nice Barbara. But he had bad luck with his backer, this person has give him an invalid check. Another of his victims, the show-girl Mabel has the idea of blackmailing Horace, Barbaras father, whom she has met before in a slightly compromising situation to get the money.


    Joan Blondell ... Mabel Anderson
    Dick Powell ... James 'Jimmy' Higgens
    Ruby Keeler ... Barbara Hemingway, aka Joan Grey
    Zasu Pitts ... Matilda Ounce Hemingway (misspelled Mathilda in opening credits)
    Guy Kibbee ... Horace Peter Hemingway
    Hugh Herbert ... Ezra Ounce
    Arthur Vinton ... Bulger, Ounce's Bodyguard
    Phil Regan ... Johnny Harris, Songwriter
    Arthur Aylesworth ... Train Conductor
    Johnny Arthur ... Billings, Ounce's Secretary
    Leila Bennett ... Laura, Matilda's Maid
    Berton Churchill ... Harold Ellsworthy Todd


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