NitroFlare Dan Kennedy: Marketing to the Affluent

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    Dan Kennedy: Marketing to the Affluent

    Experience explosive profits by learning to sell your products and services to the NEW and Fast-Growing â??Spending Classâ?? of Consumers. Find out where the affluent consumers are, how to find them and how to re-position your business, products, services and yourself to attract customers who are least and last affected by economic turbulence and eager to pay premium prices. Discover the combination to the vault as Dan shares the most effective strategies heâ??s perfected over the years for attracting and retaining affluent customers, clients and patients.

    After years of testing, tweaking and experimentation in his â??marketing labâ??, Dan S. Kennedy discovered the keys that unlock the vault to virtually unlimited riches. In a special session Dan revealed the secret formula he uncovered to finding and selling to the least and last group of people affected by priceâ??the Affluent.

    Danâ??s MOST Effective Tactics For Attracting Affluent Clients
    Transform your business and life utilizing the tactics Dan uncovered from in-depth analyzed research, experience in the real-world trenches, and his $50,000 per year budget for research on how to market to the Affluent. Learn the magic language, trick to more precise target marketing & the appropriate messages to use.

    The Buyer Behaviors and Emotional Triggers of the Expanding Mass-Affluent & Ultra-Affluent Market
    Understand the unique psychology, buying motives, decision-making factors, and reasons the affluent prefer one seller over another whether for groceries and dry-cleaning or investing counsel or luxury goods and experiences. Shows you how to get out of your own way and get in sync with the Affluent Buyer.

    Real Life Practical Strategies and Examples
    Use strategies from diverse real-life examples to apply to your business and watch your profits soar. Includes real examples from Disney, Bo-Flex, Land Rover, American Express, Playboy, Cadillac, Google, Warren Buffet, Flex Jets and more. Reveals their strategies for how they attract the Affluent, how they present price, and how they extract maximum profits from their business.

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