Datacraft So?zaijiten Ima?ge Book

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    Datacraft So?zaijiten Ima?ge Book
    7 CD

    The Image Book Library is an invaluable resource for web designers
    as well as any creative professional looking for that perfect image.
    The 7 CD's contain all the Sozaijiten images available in Volumes
    1 - 120, a whopping 24,000 images in 640x480 RGB pixel format.
    the images are large enough to be used in most web applications,
    or can be used as a resource for finding the perfect one from the
    full CD's.

    CD1 = Vol 1-20
    CD2 = Vol 21-40
    CD3 = Vol 41-60
    CD4 = Vol 61-80
    CD5 = Vol 81-100
    CD6 = Vol 101-110
    CD7 = Vol 111-120

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