Dead Clowns (2003)

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    Dead Clowns revolves around ordinary people in a small town in Florida. A hurricane has just slammed into the area, causing torrential downpours, whilst also awakening the clowns that died in the bay of the town. These clowns have only revenge on their mind since everyone had tried to erase their memories of the horrific accident. The clowns not only kill, but resort to cannibalism and slaughter the people one by one. Can there be an end to this mayhem or will the town be doomed?

    User Rating: 3.7/10

    Debbie Rochon ... Tormented Woman
    Lucien Eisenach
    Jeff Dylan Graham ... Night Watchman
    Brinke Stevens ... Lillian
    Robyn Griggs ... Delores
    Kimberly L. Cole
    Eric Spudic ... Timmy
    Jenn Ruliffson
    Brandon Carroll ... Weather Reporter

    pass : radani
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