Dead Ringer (1964)

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    Dvd English

    Director:paul Henreid

    Genre:Crime / Thriller

    Tagline:Mirror, mirror, on the wall, now who's the fairest twin of all?

    Plot Outline:In Los Angeles, after eighteen years without speaking to each other, Edith Phillips meets her twin sister Margaret de Lorca in the funeral of Maggie's husband and former love of Edith that died of heart attack. Maggie invites Edith to visit her mansion, and Edith finds through her sister's driver that Maggie used a fake pregnancy to trick her and marry her passion. When Edith arrives in her bar, she is evicted by her landlord. Edith calls Maggie, kills her and assumes her identity. The police, including her boyfriend Sergeant Jim Hobbson, believe that Edith committed suicide in an act of despair. Edith lures Maggie's servants and friends, but when Maggie's lover Tony Collins appears, the situation becomes complicated for her.


    Bette Davis ... Margaret DeLorca / Edith Phillips
    Karl Malden ... Sergeant Jim Hobbson
    Peter Lawford ... Tony Collins
    Philip Carey ... Sergeant Hoag
    Jean Hagen ... Dede Marshall
    George Macready ... Paul Harrison
    Estelle Winwood ... Dona Anna
    George Chandler ... George, Chauffeur
    Mario Alcalde ... Garcia
    Cyril Delevanti ... Henry, the Butler
    Monika Henreid ... Janet
    Bert Remsen ... Daniel 'Dan' Lister, Bartender
    Charles Watts ... Apartment Manager
    Ken Lynch ... Captain Johnson

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