Death Rides a Horse (1967)

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    Rating: 6.9/10
    Runtime: 114 min
    Language: English
    Country: Italy
    Color: Color

    Description: A dark stormy night* a small family ranch is attacked by raiders who rape and murder the family and leave no-one alive... except one young boy. 15 years later* Bill Meceita (John Phillip Law) has trained himself to become an expert marksman but still has no idea who was responsible for the murders. Meanwhile Ryan (Lee Van Cleef)* a former member of the gang* is being released from a state prision where he has served 15 years after being betrayed by the gang. Both men want revenge on the gang members* but Ryan is more interested in money while Bill plans death for all those involved. Seeing in Bill a useful but dangerous ally* Ryan lures him into the desert and takes his horse* heading on to Holly Springs where former gang member Burt Cavanaugh (Anthony Dawson) lives. Ryan insists on Cavanaugh paying him $15*000 for the time he spent in prision* but when Bill arrives he quickly confronts and kills Cavanaugh in a duel* before Ryan can get paid. Taking Bill's horse* Ryan heads on to Lyndon City where another former gang member* Walcott (Luigi Pistilli)* is now a banker. Now demanding $30*000* Ryan falls into a trap and needs Bill to help him. Walcott is in the middle of an elaborate plan himself to liberate the town of a million dollars* and with it in tow* he heads south to Mexico to meet up with other members of the gang* but they have Ryan and Bill tracking them all the way...

    Although not the most original film in the genre* Death Rides a Horse is well written and impressively directed with a powerful Ennio Morricone score* only John Phillip Law's wooden acting damages the film* but he is countered out by a nice smooth performance from Van Cleef. One of the genre's best* it comes recommended to fans of the slower* more detailed Euro-Westerns* and a good place for American Western fans to sample the quality of the Spaghetti Westerns.

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