Deep Black Reloaded-SKIDROW

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    Deep Black Reloaded-SKIDROW


    S K I D R O W
    .the leading force.

    proudly presents
    Deep Black Reloaded (c) Biart

    04-03-2012....Release Date - Protection...........SerialCustom
    FPS..............Game Type - Disk(s)......................1 DVD


    The Deep Black : Reloaded is a video game in the Action genre (third
    person shooter). Deep Black features extensive gameplay (40 single
    player missions in 4 different environments) that offers a mix of
    terrestrial and underwater battles, which so far has no direct
    analogues in this genre in the global video games market.

    The sci-fi project with detailed action-packed underwater combats will
    feature a new trend in TPS genre. Exciting gameplay suggests using both
    environments for combats: land and underwater.

    The unique setting of Deep Black comprises an immersive story line,
    complex science-fiction mystery, espionage and bio-terror. The story
    line runs up in the nearest future in the world of unsteadiness, chaos,
    espionage, terrorism, desperate fight for world supremacy and
    possession of sophisticated biological weapon.

    Usage of realistic physical effects in the underwater environment
    enforces players to feel all the deepness of fear and unpredictability
    of combats in Deep Black.

    Players will take to the murky depths armed with a wrath of underwater
    equipment from specialized underwater suit with jet pack and integrated
    harpoon and other high tech equipment in pursuit of enemies. With the
    majority of the game play taking place below the waters surface,
    action-adventure fans will need to master new skills to fight hostile
    enemies and infiltrate enemy bases.


    Cover shooter with 40 missions and 4 different environments

    More than 8 hours of gameplay

    Underwater combat

    Free 3D underwater movement

    Immersive storyline with expressive characters

    Huge choice of tactical equipment including jetpack suits and weapon,
    with special traits for underwater combat

    Support of Razer Hydra controller

    NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready title

    NVIDIA PhysX support

    Optimized for Intel Sandy & Ivy Bridge, working well on Ultrabooks.


    1. Unpack the release
    2. Mount or burn image
    3. Install
    4. Run Deep.Black.Reloaded.v1.2.Update from UPDATE folder on the DVD
    4. Copy everything from the SKIDROW folder into the game installation
    5. Play the game
    6. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy


    Block Launcher.exe from going online, or start game with DeepBlack.exe

    Nice little protection, was a pleasure to crack




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