DeepSea Obfuscator v4.0.3.31

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    DeepSea Obfuscator v4.0.3.31 | 4.5 Mb

    Obfuscation is critical for the protection of your Intellectual Property in .NET applications. Because of the nature of the .NET framework, your applications will show a lot of your Intellectual Property. Obfuscation will change the name of your classes and members to unreadable characters. This make understanding your code much more complicated.

    DeepSea Obfuscator will automatically detect code that cannot be obfuscated using its Smart Protection rules. You can also exclude classes and/or members from obfuscation using standard Obfuscation attributes or an External Configuration file.

    Automatic obfuscation
    Your assembly is analysed to setup safe obfuscation without any configuration.
    XAML Obfuscation
    Protect easy to read XAML and BAML streams.
    Dependency Injection/Merging
    Combine multiple assemblies into a single file for easy deployment.
    Code Assistant
    Helps you finetune your obfuscation settings.
    Build tool integration
    Works with Visual Studio and any other build environment.
    Control Flow Obfuscation
    Prevent reverse engineering and hacking by making spaghetti.
    String Encryption
    Protect valueable information in your code with encryption.
    Debug and Support tools
    De-obfuscate stack traces to track down problems in obfuscated assemblies.



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