Design for Living (1933)

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    Genre:Comedy / Romance m

    Plot Summary:Two Americans sharing a flat in Paris, playwright Tom Chambers and painter George Curtis, fall for free-spirited Gilda Farrell. When she can't make up her mind which one of them she prefers, she proposes a "gentleman's agreement": She will move in with them as a friend and critic of their work, but they will never have sex. But when Tom goes to London to supervise a production of one of his plays, leaving Gilda alone with George, how long will their gentleman's agreement last?


    Fredric March ... Thomas B. 'Tom' Chambers
    Gary Cooper ... George Curtis
    Miriam Hopkins ... Gilda Farrell
    Edward Everett Horton ... Max Plunkett
    Franklin Pangborn ... Mr. Douglas, Theatrical Producer
    Isabel Jewell ... Plunkett's Stenographer
    Jane Darwell ... Curtis' Housekeeper
    Wyndham Standing ... Max's Butler


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