Devin Townsend Presents: Ziltoid - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2015) [BDRip 1080p]

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    Devin Townsend Presents: Ziltoid - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2015) [BDRip 1080p]
    Genre: Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal
    Quality: MKV/BDRip 1080p
    Video: MPEG-4 AVC 8692 Kbps / 1920*1080p / 23.976 fps / 16:9
    Audio: English Dolby Digital 2.0 / 48 kHz / 640 Kbps
    Full Size:10.92 GB

    • Never afraid of the artistic leap of faith, Devin Townsend's live performances have always been experiences of special extravaganza, just like the musical landscapes he creates. The larger-than-life evening at the legendary Royal Albert Hall however tops everything the inclined Devin fan has had the chance to witness so far. "Devin Townsend Presents: Ziltoid Live at the Royal Albert Hall" was filmed on April 13th 2015 at the world famous Royal Albert Hall in London, UK, shot with 14 high definition cameras. The show sold out within days of going on-sale. Featuring the entire 'Dark Matters' album from 'Z?', played front to back, plus a 2nd set of the most popular tracks from Devin's career as well as rarely played tracks (picked by the fans through a Facebook poll in advance of the event), this release offers a perfect overview of Devin's work past and present. The show was directed by Paul M Green (Devin Townsend, Opeth, BB King, Steve Hackett) and features special guests such as Dominique Lenore Persi (Stolen Babies), Chris Jericho (world-famous wrestler and singer of US band Fozzy) and Jean Savoie, with video narration by Bill Courage, as well as 12 singers & actors as cast and choir. An extra thumbs up to the audience at this show, who passionately sung along and turned this into a very exciting, unique event in Devin's career.

    1. Z
    2. From Sleep Awake
    3. Ziltoidian Empire
    4. War Princess
    5. Deathray
    6. March Of The Poozers
    7. Wandering Eye
    8. Earth
    9. Ziltoid Goes Home
    10. Through The Wormhole
    11. Dimension Z
    12. Namaste
    13. Night
    14. Deadhead
    15. Earth Day
    16. Christeen
    17. Supercrush!
    18. Kingdom
    19. Lucky Animals
    20. Heatwave
    21. Funeral
    22. Bastard
    23. The Death Of Music
    24. Universal Flame






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