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    Always the great showman, Sam Sherman and Independent International took CREATURE WITH THE BLUE HAND ("Die Blaue Hand") and added some gore and extra footage and retitled it THE BLOODY DEAD for a late 80s home video release. This version didn't actually have a public view until the late 90s, when it was released on VHS as part of the short-lived "Very Strange Video" series.

    THE BLOODY DEAD takes CREATURE and adds a few minutes of new footage (trying to match sets and events) shot a fully 20 years after the original film. There are new sequences with a nurse (played by Australian actress Denise Coward), make-up man Ed French, and a couple of overweight cannibal inmates. Also, the various glove murders are now beefed up to more modern tastes with some gory inserts. The opening sequence where Kinksi is sentenced in a courtroom now appears at a later period.


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    Harald Leipnitz ... Inspektor Craig
    Klaus Kinski ... Dave Emerson / Richard Emerson
    Carl Lange ... Dr. Albert Mangrove
    Ilse Steppat ... Lady Emerson
    Hermann Lenschau ... Rechtsanwalt Douglas

    [down] http://rapidshare.com/files/90793717/thbldydd.part1.rar


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