Die Hard: Vendetta (ENG/2012/PS2)

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    Die Hard: Vendetta (ENG/2012/PS2)
    PS2 | ENG | Region: PAL | 2012 | 2.43 GB
    Genre: Action

    Another thriller based on the famous television series Die Hard (known here as "Die Hard"). You will receive an original storyline, a hurricane of action, the opportunity to visit the familiar locations from the films (including the Nakatomi Plaza), and the best opportunities for multiplayer games.

    At the very unlucky police armeriki again a bad day. Die Hard: Vendetta - this is one of the most interesting shooter with a first-person for the Nintendo GameCube. In the role of the heroic cop John Makklana you once again to defend the innocent people of Los Angeles and his daughter Lucy from terrorists, as would be cruel storyline unfolds



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