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    Digital Juice Motion Designers Silhouettes 01 Businessman I DVDR | ISO | 3.38 GB

    Digital Juice once again introduces a first of it's kind product line specifically tailored for the needs of motion design professionals. Over a year in the making, this new library of crisp, clean live-action Motion Designer's Silhouettes brings you an array of actors in various poses, gestures, and movements -- ready to breathe life into your animations and tell a story with fluid motion and graphic boldness. These silhouette sequences will add a professional high-end look to your work, giving you the best of both worlds - the fluidity of real life and the sharp graphic symbolism of an animated silhouette -- all in a drag-and-drop element that even a novice motion designer will find easy to integrate into any project. Express a thought, evoke an emotion, or convey an idea without adding the complexity of an actor's features or clothing to detract from the simplicity of your message.

    Motion Designer's Silhouettes 01: Businessman I :: Digital Juice


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