Digital Tutors Creating a Tri - Fold Brochure in InDesign CS5

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    Digital Tutors Creating a Tri-Fold Brochure in InDesign CS5
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    We'll begin the process by learning the best way to setup our file and organize individual page into spreads. While doing this we'll learn how to incorporate multiple page sizes into the same InDesign document. Next, we'll build a framework to hang our content on in the form of a modular grid. From there we'll learn how to bring in and work with both image and text content for our layout. In order to make managing our text easier, we'll learn how to create both character and paragraph styles. To wrap things up we'll learn how to export a .PDF and package all related files into one singular location.

    Lesson Outline (14 lessons)
    1. Introduction and Project Overview
    2. Setting up our document
    3. Creating a modular grid with guides
    4. Saving a document template
    5. Adding image content to the outside of our brochure
    6. Adding image content to the inside of our brochure
    7. Adding informational content to the outside of our brochure
    8. Controlling the flow of text using break characters
    9. Adding informational content to the inside of our brochure
    10. Creating character styles for our brochure
    11. Creating paragraph style for our brochure
    12. Managing reoccurring graphics
    13. Exporting a .PDF version of our brochure
    14. Packaging the files for our brochure



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