Digital Tutors Introduction To Modeling In XSI-AG

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    Digital Tutors Introduction To Modeling In XSI-AG | ISO | 877 MB

    Easily learn time-saving modeling techniques, modeling tools overview, and a proven workflow to modeling in XSI. Contains over 4 hours of project-based training. Great for new and beginning artists.

    Popular highlights include:

    Overview of Modeling Tools in XSI
    Overview of Geometry Types
    Polygon Modeling Workflow
    Using Rotoscopes as Modeling Reference
    Optimizing Geometry
    Mirroring Geometry
    Working with Curves, Surfaces, and Trims
    Lofting Curves to Create Geometry
    Adding Edge Resolution
    Scene Organization Techniques
    Principles of Creating Clean Topology
    Creating Custom Toolbars and Shelves
    Edge-loop Selections
    Strategically Adding Resolution
    Removing Resolution
    Merging Multiple Pieces of Geometry
    Lofting Surfaces
    Bridging and Welding Components
    Splitting Parallel Edge-loops
    Re-routing Geometry Flow
    Generating Symmetrical Geometry
    Reusing and Re-purposing Geometry
    Modeling with Deformers
    Extruding Geometry Along Curves
    Edge Creasing
    Naming and Organizing Assets
    Interactively Adding Edges Around Objects
    Building High-res Geometry with Low-res Cages


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