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    XViD, 640x480, 1089 kbps | MP3 130 kbps | ~ 23 GB

    The show is a documentary program showing how common, everyday items (including foodstuffs like bubblegum, industrial products such as motors, musical instruments such as guitars, and sporting goods such as snowboards) are manufactured, and is filmed to simplify overdubbing in different languages, for example largely avoiding showing a narrator or host onscreen, and most often also not having employees of featured companies speak on camera. An offscreen narrator explains each process, often making use of puns. Each half hour show usually has three or four main segments, with each product getting a demonstration of about five minutes, with exceptions for more complex products

    Episodes Listing:

    Season 1

    Season 2

    Season 3

    Season 4

    Season 5

    Season 6
    Season 7

    Season 8

    Season 9

    Season 10
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    Hi.. Season 10 part 3 is correpted it seems... I am unable to unzip the file.. Pls reload that part ASAP Please..........:girl_cray2:
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    Season 10 part 3 Checked. Working fine

    Please Redownload the part once more. Also see the disk has enough space for smooth extraction.

    If probelm, please revert back :)
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    Hi... Thanks for your info.... Can I have more links for HOw it's made season 11 to more?? Were they existed? Please let me know.. If you have please upload only MEGAUPLOAD Links as RS has some problems...:heyo:
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    Thanks.That is sharing.
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    Hi Dawnz,

    Can you please check Season 9 these parts are offline:

    Part 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17

    Also Season 8 missing 3 files:

    Part 7, 10, 11

    Also, is there a chance for us to get the other seasons for MU????

    Thank you.

    Need these please.
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    Do you have filesonic links? I saw another thread with filesonic links but all were dead.
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    megaupload is banned in malaysia. pls upload to filesonic

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