Disk Reanimator v2.0 Build Dvd5 (2012/Eng/Rus)

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    Disk Reanimator v2.0 Build Dvd5 (2012/Eng/Rus) | 3.75 GB

    Here you will find what is needed to lift the machine from the dead. I decided to share with everyone, can someone come in handy.

    System requirements:
    256 MB RAM (512 MB if not
    using virtual memory on
    hard drive);
    CD-ROM, DVD-ROM USB-Drive with the volume
    memory of at least 4.5 GB.

    Windows Key Enterprise 10.0.1763 RU - Reset, change passwords on NT-systems: Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT ..
    Windows 7 Live - Live version of Windows 7.
    Acronis True Image Home 12.0_RUS - Create, restore a disk or partition, etc.
    Acronis Disk Director Home 11.0_RUS - Manage partitions and disks.
    Memtest86 + 4.20 - Test RAM.
    Victoria 3.52 - HDD diagnostics.
    MHDD 4.6 - Testing the hard drive.
    HDD Regenerator v1.71 - A program to recover hard disks - able to recover bad sectors (not hide them, namely, to restore)
    Quick Tech Pro 5.80 - Set of utilization for complex diagnosis of iron.
    Installing or simply download Linux Mint 9
    Installing Windows 7 SP1 - strip off the original image of Windows 7 SP 1 Ultimate RU x86. After installing the tablet requires her to Daz
    Kaspersky Rescue Disc 10 - well, it is clear that this is why

    The Windows 7 Live:
    Total Commander 7.56
    Power Data Recovery 6.5
    GimageX 2.0.14
    Bootice 0.8.1
    Avast BART CD Utillites
    AVZ 4

    How do I write the image to disk?
    The right mouse button on the image -> Open With -> The writer is a disk Windows.
    As I was drinking it on my stick?
    - Raspakovuem disk image to the root of the stick with any archive, such zamechaelnym free 7zip
    - We take great utility Bootice and write to stick the boot sector Grub4dos 0.4.5c
    - Profit ...
    Can I help pr Avast BART CD Utillites edit the registry "fallen" machine?
    Yes, at what both x86 and x64.
    Can I come from a Windows 7 live run other virus scanners like DrWeb Cureit?
    Yes, but they must be pre-extracted, because the temporary folder of Windows 7 Live can not write.
    Why Linux Mint 9, because in the world there are many other fine assemblies?
    Because LTS. Because it can be used even with "cramps" and not the "writhing" can do everything beautifully. Because Gnome 2 out of the box. Because I like it.
    Why no install Windows XP?
    Because how to download the installation CD and Piggy USB koordinalno different and flexibility is lost because of this assembly.

    Year: 2012
    Version: 2.0 Build DVD5
    Developer: shaman
    Bit depth: 32bit/64bit
    Language: English / Russian


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