Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (1983)

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    Description: In this feature-length twentieth anniversary special in the classic science fiction-fantasy series, someone uses a time scoop to lift all five incarnations of the heroic Time Lord known as the Doctor out of their respective time streams. The elderly, first Doctor is taken out of Wimbledon Garden. The Beatle-haired, Chaplainesque, second Doctor is removed from the grounds of UNIT H.Q.. The dashing, dandy, white-haired, James Bond-like third Doctor is scooped off of Earth in his Edwardian speedster car, Bessie. The curly-haired, tall, long-scarfed fourth Doctor is lifted out of a punt on the river Cambridge and trapped in a time vortex. And the youthful, striped-panted fifth Doctor must find all of his former selves and return them to their proper time streams, or face disintegration into the time vortex in which his fourth incarnation is trapped. Having abducted each of the Doctors, the mysterious agent responsible for this transgression of the First Law of Time, positions four of the Doctors, along with some of their companions and foes, inside the Death Zone on Gallifrey, home world of the Time Lords.
    The show was made as a celebration of nostalgia, & it does its job quite well.

    Director: Peter Moffatt
    Peter Davison ... The Doctor
    Patrick Troughton ... The Doctor
    Jon Pertwee ... The Doctor
    Tom Baker ... The Doctor (archive footage)
    Richard Hurndall ... The Doctor
    Janet Fielding ... Tegan Jovanka
    Mark Strickson ... Turlough
    Elisabeth Sladen ... Sarah Jane Smith
    Carole Ann Ford ... Susan Foreman
    Nicholas Courtney ... Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
    Lalla Ward ... Romana (archive footage)
    Anthony Ainley ... The Master
    Philip Latham ... Lord President Borusa
    Dinah Sheridan ... Chancellor Flavia
    Paul Jerrico ... The Castellan

    Country: UK
    Color: Colour
    Genre: SciFi/Adventure/Drama
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