Don't Deliver Us from Evil (1971)

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    Mais Ne Nous Délivrez Pas Du Mal aka Don't Deliver Us From Evil (1971)
    1.36 Gb | 1 hr 42 mins 9 secs | Lang: French, with English language subtitle .srt file included | DVD rip | .avi

    Joel Seria's Dark Tale Of Two Girl's On A Road To Evil

    Jeanne Goupil - Anne
    Catherine Wagener- Lore
    Bernard Dhéran - L'automobiliste / Motorist
    Gérard Darrieu - Émile
    Marc Dudicourt - L'aumônier

    unrar pt 1 to extract the .001 file, and the .srt subtitle file. Then join using hjsplit. (Note: This was from a torrent, I upped the links with the 2001 still in the filename, however the movie was made in 1971.)


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