Down by Law (1986)

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    Genre: Drama / Comedy
    Year: 1986
    Director: Jim Jarmusch
    Writer: Jim Jarmusch
    Runtime: 1 hs 42 min 14 sec
    Cast: Tom Waits, John Lurie, Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, Ellen Barkin, Billie Neal, Rockets Redglare, Vernel Bagneris, Timothea, L.C. Drane, Joy N. Houck Jr., Carrie Lindsoe, Ralph Joseph, Richard Boes, Dave Petitjean

    Plot Line: The story of three different men in a Louisiana prison and their eventual journey.

    Captures here

    Format: RMVB (DVDRip used as source for the convertion)
    Language: English
    Subtitles: Spanish (in zip file)


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