Doxa DVDRip (2005)

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    Doxa.avi (699 MB)

    Source: DVDRip
    Runtime: 88 minutes
    Language: Swedish
    Subtitles: English Hard-coded

    IMDb Info:
    *Note: there is so little info on this movie. currently only 35 people has rated this movie in IMDb.

    Plot Summary:It's about a girl who has her father dying in a hospital. She gets more and more aware of that his illness is caused by his work in a factory. Many of his fellow workers have also died and the girl starts to investigate. She takes action against the managing director and more details are not to be mentioned here.You can feel the anger, but it's not an anger in black and white and Eva Rexed as the girl gives a fine performance and so does also Freddie Wadling and Björn Gustafson. There won't be any academy awards for this one, but it's well worth seeing. Just for its attitude.

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