Dream Match Tennis Pro v2.15 - patch,keygen,game mods&edits

Discussion in 'Archive' started by chlarisnetty, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. chlarisnetty

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  2. Vizard

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    Hello, im not sure how to install this patch and what to paste to what, could you please help ASAP

    thanks :declare:
  3. chlarisnetty

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    Inside the DMT XXXL PATCH you have 3 folders - Models, Sounds and Textures. Copy and paste those 3 folders to the installation folder\Data.
    Example: C.:\Program Files\Dream Match Tennis Pro\Data

    Installation instructions for the Game Mods & Edits are in the thread.
  4. Vizard

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    Apologies for my stupidity.

    By 3 folders do you mean the 3 codes, if so, i cant paste those into the data or models folder.
  5. chlarisnetty

    chlarisnetty Guest

    Ok,about what patch are we talking about - the 1st that gives you new menu lookings or the Game Mods & Edits patches?
  6. Vizard

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    Game mods and edits patch first.
  7. chlarisnetty

    chlarisnetty Guest

    Well, if you want to install both patches you need to install the other one first in the way i have already explanied. Simply because if you install the game mods&edits first you will do nothing because you will have to overwrite those folders.

    When you unrar the game mode&edit you wish to install place those ".dss" files in to the folder called Models. That folder is located inside the folder called Data and Data folder is located inside the game installation folder called Dream Match Tennis Pro.

    I hope u understand now everything.
  8. Vizard

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    1 more thing.

    What do you mean by unrar the game mode&edit?
  9. chlarisnetty

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    OMG dude! Are u kidding me?! Do you know anything about computers?
    Those .dds files are inside the .rar file (example: Australian--Open--Shade--ver.2.0.rar). So when you chose for example this game mod&edit unrar the .dds files, or in other words, take out the .dds files using WinZip.
  10. jackert00

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    you could upload the file in another server as DMTP-GameMods_Edits.part2.rar
    megaupload? thanks

    Rapidshare not work, i don't member premium
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