DreamDisk 2011 Mega Edition x86/x64

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    DreamDisk 2011 Mega Edition x86/x64
    Size | 6.47 GB

    DreamDisk 2011 Mega Edition. A diverse set of software for all occasions. Programs were selected for a long time, was laid a lot of work and effort. Includes all the latest updates, new programs, bug fixes.

    It is an ambitious project, which at the moment are:

    • 600 programs;
    • 58 directories;
    • Soft for Kaspersky;
    • Utilities for removing antivirus;
    • Collection of cracks, keygens and patches;
    • And much more

    The assembly
    - = Antivirus and anti-spyware programs = -
    - = Archivers and packers data = -
    - = Games and Entertainment = -
    - = Internet & Network = -
    - = Multimedia programs = -
    - = Security Update System = -
    - = Office software = -
    - = Productivity for work = -
    - = System software and drivers = -
    - = Utility to configure the system = -
    - = Utilities to work with CD and DVD = -
    - = Desktop shortcuts = -
    - = References = -

    Major changes in DreamDisk 2011 Mega Edition:
    1 Updated all programs to the current version
    2 Updated all references to the current version
    3 Added more than 180 programs
    4 Added 64-bit programs (word system is determined automatically)
    5 Full support for x64
    6 have been fixed a lot of errors and omissions
    7 adds file assotsitsii
    8 Added English and possibly Ukrainian and Belarusian
    9 In the folder "Bonus Materials" added proprietary utilities to remove the leading anti-virus software
    10 Just in case, added collection of "remedies" for most programs from the assembly.
    11 Revised and finalized each installer
    12 Complete removal of most of the programs from the system
    13 Ability to install from USB-flash and hard disk drive (Everything will be painted in the FAQ)
    14 programs are divided into 69 groups
    15 Added scripts to copy the shortcut to the desktop: by category or without (removal yet handles)
    16 Assembling easily edited to suit your tastes and any number of disks (Though at 15 CD can be divided)

    How to divide the disk into 2 DVD5
    News and Media 1 DVD5 size of one should not privyshat 4480 MB!
    2 Create a folder narimerDisk 1
    3 done this with any archive, such as 7-Zip
    4 Create another one, and name it for example Disk 2
    5 Copy into this folder the files from Disk 1:
    Skin folder
    5 Create a folder in the folder Software Disk 2
    6 In the Software folder to copy the folder Disk 1 \ Software folder FinishSetup and the rest is in your usmotreniyu.K example, you can copy the folder Antivirus, CD-DVD, MultiMedia, Office. These folders deleted from Disk 1 \ Software.
    7 Create a folder of Disk 1 and Disk 2, 2 images such program UltraISO.
    After following these simple steps and you can razdilit drive as many parts.

    How to create your disk:
    One size does not have one DVD5 privyshat 4480 MB!
    3 Create a folder, such as Disk 1
    2 extract the image with any archive, such as Disk 1 folder
    3 Find the folder Software
    4 Next-categories of the folders you delete unnecessary installers. For example, if you do not want Avast! Simply remove the folder Avast.exe Antivirus, and the program automatically removed from the list.
    5 Create a new image from the resulting program UltraISO.
    6 Finish!

    Installation recommendations:
    1 Be sure to turn off the antivirus! Otherwise successful installation of software is not guaranteed!
    2 In the Windows 7 installation to run as administrator or disable UAC control
    3 After the installation of some programs may need to restart your computer.

    In the collection of virus-free! All archive and UPX compressed ... so many antivirus them simply can not extract and recognize it as a malicious program.


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