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    Siu Man (Miriam Yeung) is a beer promotion girl, doing the rounds of bars and getting customers to buy their drinks, but she and her partners are facing stiff competition from younger, pushier and more glamorous competitors. The girls also find customers increasingly demanding, especially those who know of Siu Mans reputation as Ms Never Gets Drunk. On her way home from one such particularly difficult days work, where she has also had to fight off the advances of her brother-in-law Brother 9, she helps a drunk man get home, but he ends up staying at her house for a while. The man is Michel or Michael (Daniel Wu)  the owner of a failing French restaurant. It has always been Siu Mans dream to open her own coffee shop, so the two of them come to an arrangement to share the restaurant. Siu Man is approaching 30 and her friends hope that there may also be romance on the horizon for her, but there are a few problems  because of previous bad experiences, Siu Man is deeply mistrustful of men who drink heavily, while Michael  only in Hong Kong as part of his travels across the world  doesnt want to be tied down and is starting to feel it is time to be moving again.

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