DriverPacks for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 (20.02.2012)

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    DriverPacks for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 (20.02.2012) - by [TeNeBrA] | 2.86 GB

    DriverPacks for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 (20.02.2012)[TeNeBrA] is a collection of drayverpakov. Last updated drivers - February 20, 2012. It is not necessary to integrate these drayverpaki distribution Windows, you can also install drivers manually after installing Windows. Updates from February 20, 2012 in the list above.

    Extras. Information:

    1) in the properties of the device you want to install the driver in the "device instance ID" search text DEV_ **** (instead of 4 stars - 4 numbers or letters).
    2) search (eg searching in total commander) contents drayverpakov files *. Inf text DEV_ **** (instead of 4 stars - your 4 numbers or letters).
    3) The search result will show you which folder / folders are most likely the correct driver for your device.
    If the line "device instance ID" no text DEV_ ****, you can search on what else the text of that line.
    if not, you can intuitively poperebirat several putatively necessary folders, folder names begin with the same letter, which begins the name of the device manufacturer.
    information about the devices may for example give the program hwinfo32.


    windows 2000-xp-2003 (x86) driverpacks
    dp bluetooth wnt5 x86-32 910
    dp chipset wnt5 x86-32 1201
    dp cpu wnt5 x86-32 1005
    dp graphics a wnt5 x86-32 1107
    dp graphics b wnt5 x86-32 1107
    dp graphics c wnt5 x86-32 1107
    dp graphics languages ??wnt5 x86-32 1107
    dp graphics physx wnt5 x86-32 1111
    dp hid wnt5 x86-32 1105
    dp lan wnt5 x86-32 1202
    dp lan-ris wnt5 x86-32 1011
    dp massstorage wnt5 x86-32 1201
    dp misc wnt5 x86-32 1201
    dp modem wnt5 x86-32 1101
    dp monitor wnt5 x86-32 1005
    dp runtimes wnt5 x86-32 1107
    dp sound a wnt5 x86-32 1111
    dp sound b wnt5 x86-32 1111
    dp tv wnt5 x86-32 1005
    dp webcam wnt5 x86-32 1107
    dp wlan wnt5 x86-32 1202

    windows vista-7 (x86) driverpacks
    dp amdfilter wnt6-x86 1110
    dp audio wnt6-x86 1111
    dp cablemodem wnt6-x86 1001
    dp cardreaders wnt6-x86 11041
    dp chipset wnt6-x86 1202
    dp gaming wnt6-x86 1001
    dp graphics a wnt6-x86 1111
    dp graphics b wnt6-x86 1112
    dp graphics mobile wnt6-x86 1111
    dp lan wnt6-x86 1112
    dp massstorage wnt6-x86 1202
    dp misc wnt6-x86 1202
    dp modem wnt6-x86 1001
    dp monitors wnt6-x86 1001
    dp touchpad mouse wnt6-x86 1110
    dp tvcard wnt6-x86 1001
    dp webcam wnt6-x86 1103
    dp wlan wnt6-x86 1104

    windows vista-7 (x64) driverpacks
    dp amdfilter wnt6-x64 1110
    dp audio wnt6-x64 1111
    dp cardreaders wnt6-x64 11041
    dp chipset wnt6-x64 1202
    dp graphics a wnt6-x64 1111
    dp graphics b wnt6-x64 1112
    dp graphics mobile wnt6-x64 1111
    dp lan wnt6-x64 1112
    dp massstorage wnt6-x64 1202
    dp misc wnt6-x64 1202
    dp touchpad mouse wnt6-x64 1110
    dp webcam wnt6-x64 1103
    dp wlan wnt6-x64 1104
    gaming x64 812
    monitors x64 911


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