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    Why We Created This

    The rudiments are the letters that make up the drumming alphabet. Lionel demystifies all 40 patterns on the practice pad, and then explains exactly how to use them in beginner to advanced beats and fills on the drums.
    Key Features

    All 40 drum rudiments covered in step-by-step detail.
    Practice pad and kit applications shown in slow-motion.
    Includes multi-angle video and on-screen sheet music.
    Beginner, intermediate, and advanced applications.

    Tech Specs

    Video: 13+ hours of video on 6 DVDs
    Books: 231 pages in 4 spiral-bound books.
    Online: Digital versions of all content.
    Skill: From beginner to advanced.

    More Information
    The Beginner Module

    Beginner Book & DVDThis section is designed to introduce you to the Drum Rudiment System, improve your hand technique, and introduce you to all forty drum rudiments. Lionel starts out by giving you special practice tips and tricks that will enable you to move through the contents of the training DVDs with greater ease. Then, he gives detailed information about stick grips to be sure you are playing with the best technique. Finally, he goes through the basics of all 40 rudiments.

    Each individual drum rudiment is first demonstrated on the practice pad. This is where Lionel explains each pattern in great detail, so you can understand exactly how to play the rudiments like they were meant to be played. Next, you get the opportunity to see the pattern played from three separate camera angles in slow motion. This helps you memorize the sound of the pattern, so it comes more naturally for you in practice. Finally, Lionel takes each rudiment to the drum set to demonstrate it on the snare drum, within two beginner drum beats, and within two beginner drum fills. All of these examples are demonstrated with four camera angles, sheet music on-screen, and at regular and slow-motion speeds.

    As a special bonus, Lionel has also included some excellent drum warm-ups, practice tips, and footage of some of his creative snare-drum solos at the end of the beginner module. In total, this section includes 5 hours of video content and 45+ pages of detailed training material in the spiral-bound workbook.
    The Intermediate Module

    Intermediate Book & DVDThe intermediate section is designed to take everything a step further. It is jam packed with more tips and tricks, and all-new new applications!

    You'll learn about "the motions" and how they are to be incorporated into the rudiments to improve your overall speed and control. You'll also get some more information about stick grips, and some unique exercises to improve your accents and flam strokes. This invaluable information is what sets Lionel apart from other drummers, and he freely passes on all of his secrets in these revealing lessons.

    When you are ready to learn more beats and fills, you can jump to the intermediate applications. Lionel revisits all 40 drum rudiments, giving you two new intermediate drum beats, and two new intermediate drum fills based on each rudiment. These patterns include the same special playback features as the applications in the beginner section. This means, all examples are shown from four separate camera angles, with sheet music on-screen, and playback at regular and slow-motion speeds. As the patterns become more complex, this unique training system becomes more and more valuable.

    The DVDs include some bonus content including a special look at the "towel technique", and another creative snare-drum solo from Lionel Duperron. In total, the intermediate section includes over 4 and a half hours of video content and 65+ pages of training material in the spiral-bound workbook.
    The Advanced Module

    Advanced Book & DVDThe advanced section really takes the drum rudiments to a whole new level. This material is designed for motivated drummers that really want to push the envelope, and take their drumming to the extreme limits of what can be played.

    Lionel starts by reviewing stick grip and finger techniques with some fresh insights into how you can continue to improve upon these important fundamentals. As with the tips in the intermediate section, this material is extremely valuable. Lionel has done a superb job of compiling valuable insights to deliver such a comprehensive training package.

    As with the previous sections, the advanced pack also includes all-new applications based around the rudiments. You will find two advanced drum beats, and two advanced drum fills for each and every drum rudiment. Some of these are extremely challenging, and are sure to push your drumming to the limits. As expected, these video lessons also make use of the unique multi-angle training system that makes learning easy.

    The training videos also feature additional bonus material including some special exercises, drum set solos, drum set & cymbal advice, an overview of drumsticks and practice pads, and a special in-studio interview with Lionel. All together, the advanced section includes over 4 hours of video content and 65+ pages of training material in the workbook.
    Expansion Workbook

    Expansion BookThe new Drum Rudiment System Expansion Pack is also included. It covers many related topics that compliment the material included in the Drum Rudiment System.

    Modified Hybrid Rudiments - Over 120 modified hybrid rudiments that will expand your library of beats and fills even further! This rudiment pack will show you a variety of rudiments that build on top of the original 40. Lionel also talks about mixing the hybrid rudiments with the standard 40 to come up with thousands of unique patterns.

    21 Steps To Becoming A Working Drummer - Stop playing drums as just a hobby, and start drumming for a living! With this downloadable workbook, you will get 21 tips on how to become a working drummer.

    Encyclopedia Of Drum Terms - A detailed encyclopedia of terms strictly related to drumming, percussion, and rhythm. It's a valuable resource for any drummer.


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