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    Drumeo - Drum Rudiment System
    .MP4, AVC, 2300 kbps, 1280x720 | English, AAC, 200 kbps, 2 Ch | 13 hours | + PDF Workbooks | 14.07 GB
    Subject: Music/Drums​
    Why We Created This
    The rudiments are the letters that make up the drumming alphabet. Lionel demystifies all 40 patterns on the practice pad, and then explains exactly how to use them in beginner to advanced beats and fills on the drums.

    Technical Specs
    Video: 13+ hours of video.
    Books: 231 pages in 4 PDF workbooks.
    Online: Lifetime access to all content.
    Skill: From beginner to advanced.

    Key Features
    - All 40 drum rudiments covered in step-by-step detail.
    - Practice pad and kit applications shown in slow-motion.
    - Includes multi-angle video and on-screen sheet music.
    - Beginner, intermediate, and advanced applications.

    Do you ever feel limited by your technical ability when playing the drums? Have you ever been frusterated when trying to learn a new beat or fill - wondering why it feels so un-natural to play a new pattern? If your answer is yes, the step-by-step video lessons included in the Drum Rudiment System were created specifically for you.

    The drum rudiments make up literally every pattern that can be played on the drum set. Here is a quick analogy to explain this... think of the letters and words that make up the sentences you are reading right now. The 40 drum rudiments are just like the 26 letters that make up the english alphabet. Every word in every sentence you could ever write requires these words - just as every beat or fill you can play requires the rudimental patterns.

    Now, when we actually write words - we don't focus heavily on every single individual letter. However, we absolutely must understand how the letters work in order to properly express ourselves. When learning a new language that uses a different alphabet - we can sometimes get away without understanding all the letters when memorizing a few simple words. However, if we really want to get serious about understanding the language - we absolutely must learn and master the use of the alphabet before serious progress can be made. Likewise, we can learn some beats and fills before understanding the rudiments, but we must understand the rudiments if we ever want to truly unlock our full potential on the drums!

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