Drupalize: Development Module for Drupal 7 (Updated: 01/04/2012)

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    Drupalize: Development Module for Drupal 7 (Updated: 01/04/2012)

    Drupalize: Development Module f Drupal 7 (Updated: 01/04/2012)
    English | AVC 960X540 300 kbps | AAC 44.1kHz 2 channels | 660 MB
    Genre: Video Training

    Professionals Lullabot teach tricks develop modules f Drupal 7. I hope that I will begin distributing the publication series of screencasts on paid programming and the creation of themes f Drupal 7 of Drupalize.me. This office operates under the auspices of a certain group Drupalerov Lullabot. The guys are very competent and credible. IMPORTANT: The data on the distribution point is not complete, since even a few videos in the status of "COMING SOON". I promise as soon as the other videos will be posted - update distribution.

    1. Introduction to Module Development f Drupal 7 5m
    2. Helpful tools f module development 6m
    3. An overview of the Devel module 14m
    4. Drupal API documentation 10m
    5. Anatomy of a Drupal module 7m
    6. The event-driven hook system 16m
    8. Overview of the Drupal menu system 19m
    9. Using URL arguments in page callback functions 20m
    10. Adding contextual menu links and using menu autoloaders 15m
    11. Using the Drupal Render API 14m
    12. Attachments and caching with the Render API 10m
    13. Altering the page array 7m
    14. Integrating with the theme system 28m
    15. An Overview of the Fm API 10m
    16. Creating, submitting and validating a simple fm 17m
    17. Organizing collections of fm elements 8m
    18. Creating dynamic fms with the states system 8m
    19. Altering fms with hook_fm_alter() 11m
    20. Altering specific fms and customizing validation 14m
    21. Creating a configuration settings fm f your module 24m
    22. An overview of the database layer in Drupal 7 18m
    23. Querying the database with db_select() 17m
    24. Adding a table to the database 11m
    25. Querying the database with query methods 25m
    26. Altering the database 14m



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