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    Dungeons & Dragons - Complete Series



    Dungeons & Dragons is an American animated television series, that was a co-production of Marvel Productions and TSR.

    Based on TSR's Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, the show was popular in the US, and ran for three seasons on CBS.

    Season One: (1983)

    Episode 1: The Night Of No Tomorrow
    Dungeon Master sends Hank, Shela, Eric, Diane, Presto and Bobby toward the town of Helix to attend a local celebration, but on their journey into town they are greeted by Merlin, who offers to take Presto under his wing as his apprentice - but only if Presto will stay there for the rest of his life...

    Episode 2: The Eye Of The Beholder
    While chased by a vicious giant scorpion, Dungeon Master's students are saved by a knight calling himself Sir John. When Dungeon Master instructs them to seek out and destroy The Beholder in a distant valley, the children decide to take Sir John with them. However during the battle the children learn one thing - Sir John is a complete coward!

    Episode 3: The Hall Of Bones
    During a battle with some winged creatures the children's magical weapons begin to falter. It soon becomes apparent that the weapons have run out of energy, prompting Dungeon Master to direct them towards the Hall of Bones where they can recharge their weapons. As they make their way toward the hall, Venger seeks to capture their weapons for his own gain...

    Episode 4: Valley Of The Unicorns
    The children come to the aid of a unicorn known as Silvermane, leader of the last unicorn herd. During their battle with the wolves their attention is diverted and Uni is taken away by an evil old wizard named Kelek, who is trying to steal all the horns from unicorns to harness the teleportation powers they possess. The children may well have to turn to their biggest enemy in order to succeed in saving the unicorns..

    Episode 5: In Search Of The Dungeon Master
    While taking a leisurely ride through the forest, Dungeon Master is unexpectedly attacked by the evil bounty hunter Warduke, who freezes him inside a magical crystal. The children soon learn of Dungeon Master's capture and set out to rescue him, attempting to overcome the many obstacles in their way before Venger can claim him first!

    Episode 6: Beauty And The Bogbeast
    Dungeon Master's pupils must seek out a mystical river that changes its course once a year, as the sixty seconds will allow the children to return home. Before the children split into two groups in order to locate the river Dungeon Master gives them one warning; that they must never touch the beauty that breathes the beast...

    Episode 7: Prison Without Walls
    Dungeon Master sends the children to a valley where the gnomes reside. When they arrive they discover that the gnomes have been enslaved by evil Venger, who makes them mine for mystic gems. To free the gnomes, the children must search for Lukion, the spellbinder whose magic protected the gnomes' valley for centuries. However, the Dungeon Master's pupils are hounded by a giant creature in the Swamp of Sorrow...

    Episode 8: Servant Of Evil
    Bobby's birthday celebrations are ruined when his companions are captured by Venger's warriors and taken to the villain's Prison of Agony. With the help of Dungeon Master's magical amulet, Bobby and Uni must befriend the reluctant giant Karrox and save their friends.

    Episode 9: Quest Of The Skeleton Warrior
    Dekion, the enslaved skeleton warrior who has been in servitude to Venger for many years, informs his master that he has found the Circle of Power. Because he is under Venger's spell, Dekion is unable to enter the Lost Tower of the Celestial Knights and so enlists the help of Dungeon Master's pupils. The children unwittingly agee to aid Dekion, not knowing that they will have to face their greatest fears in order to defeat Venger...

    Episode 10: The Garden Of Zinn
    In an unsuccessful attempt to catch food, Bobby is bitten by a dragon turtle and poisoned. The children seek the help of Dungeon Master, who tells them that he does not possess the power to undo nature's will. While Bobby is nursed by Sheila, Uni and their new friend Solars, the other children journey to the Garden of Queen Zinn. However a mysterious connection between Queen Zinn and Solars may put their mission in jeopardy...

    Episode 11: The Box
    The children stumble upon a mysterious box after a sudden quake splits the ground in two. Dungeon Master informs his pupils that the box belongs to Zandora, an old friend and ally. They soon learn that the box is a magical container that can open worlds to anywhere, depending on where it is placed. The children race to free Zandora and prevent Venger from terrorizing Earth itself.

    Episode 12: The Lost Children
    The Dungeon Master's pupils seek a ship held at Venger's castle that will help them return home. During their journey they meet a group of children who themselves are considered lost. After learning that their elder, Alfor, has been captured and is held within the walls of Venger's castle, Hank and his friends aid the lost children, with the threat of venger standing over them.

    Episode 13: P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster
    During a battle with some Orc warriors Presto unleashes a spell that goes wrong and results in the disappearance of his friends. The children find themselves in the castle of a giant, high in the clouds. As Presto and Uni climb a tower in search of their friends, the other pupils of Dungeon Master evade the giant's vicious slimy pet, Willy.

    Season Two: (1984)

    Episode 14: The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow
    The children find a rollercoaster car that appears to be the same one in which they unexpectedly entered The Realm. Soon they find Terri, a lost girl from Earth held captive by Venger's warriors. After freeing Terri, Dungeon Master's pupils learn that she can dream the future. To journey home the children must battle their way through Venger's Maze of Darkness, as Terri has one last hopeful dream.

    Episode 15: The Treasure Of Tardos
    Venger creates the evil Demodragon, but when the creature with the power to destroy The Realm captures the children's magical weapons, it breaks the villain's control over the creature. Dungeon Master explains to his pupils that should Demodragon succeed in destroying The Realm, they will never be able to return home. The children must form an uneasy alliance with Venger in order to defeat his creation.

    Episode 16: City At The Edge Of Midnight
    Dungeon Master informs his pupils that they must find the City at the Edge of Midnight, where children from The Ralm and Earth are being held prisoner. Allying themselves with the kind Ramuud, Dungeon Master's pupils journey to the city to free the children and save Ramuud's daughter, but they have to first contend with the evil malevolence of Nightwalker...

    Episode 17: The Traitor
    Whilst resting in the Moon Forest, Dungeon Master's pupils are awakened by the sudden appearance of the Cloud Bears, who are attempting to steal their magical weapons. After befriending the Cloud Bears, Hank and Bobby are captured in a battle with the Orcs, and Sheila leaves to follow them. While the children aid the Cloud Bears against the Orcs, Sheila witnesses Hank planning an ambush with the Orc leader...

    Episode 18: Day Of The Dungeon Master
    Dungeon Master's biggest critic, Eric, rebukes him after a skirmish with some large insect-like creatures. When Eric boasts that he could make a difference with Dungeon Master's powers, Dungeon Master makes Eric the Dungeon Master. With the power of Dungeon Master flowing through him, the reluctant Eric realizes one thing; he has the power to get his friends home...

    Episode 19: The Last Illusion
    In the Swamp of Darkness Presto stumbles across the image of Varla, the lovely illusionist, who tells him that she is being held prisoner by Venger. The children arrive at a village where the people are unhappy due to a constant curse that looms over them. A warrior arrives at the village and blames the curse on Dungeon Master's pupils. The warrior is Venger in disguise, and without their weapons, the children are imprisoned.

    Episode 20: The Dragon’s Graveyard
    The children are close to a portal home when Venger destroys it. The frustration is too much for Dungeon Master's pupils, and they decide to confront Venger and defeat him once and for all. Tiamat reveals to the children that their weapons are more powerful than Venger in the Dragon's Graveyard. When Venger arrives in the Dragon's Graveyard and appears to be defeated, Hank must make the toughest choice of his life.

    Episode 21: Child Of The Stargazer
    Relaxing in a peaceful part of The Realm, the children stumble upon a young man named Kosar, sick from exhaustion and hunger. Forming a close relationship with Kosar, Dungeon Master's pupils learn that he is destined to fulfill a prophecy that will both end the reign of the evil Queen Syrith, and enable the children to go home. But what bond do Kosar and Diana share that will change the events about to unfold?

    Season Three: (1985)

    Episode 22: The Dungeon At The Heart Of Dawn
    Eric's curiosity about a seemingly harmless box leads to the return of the most powerful enemy the kids have ever faced, He Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken. With both Dungeonmaster and Venger drained of their magic, the race is on to see who can recharge at the energy spring in the Dungeon at the Heart of Dawn first...before the Nameless One destroys the entire Realm!

    Episode 23: The Time Lost
    Venger's got a new idea for eliminating his annoying young enemies, and uses his Crystal of Chronos to pull both a futuristic plane and a WWII Nazi fighter pilot who crash lands his Stuka into the Realm. Venger intends to send Josef Mueller, the pilot, back to Earth to win the war for Germany, but after meeting the kids, Josef has other plans.

    Episode 24: Odyssey Of The Twelfth Talisman
    A lonely but sharp-witted orphan, Lorne, finds a lost amulet that leads him into big trouble. He and Eric become fast friends through the usual exchange of insults and put-downs, and the gang teams up with him on their search for the Stone of Astra. But the wizard Korlok, who also seeks the Stone, is following them...

    Episode 25: Citadel Of Shadow
    Anxious to prove her worth after a botched thieving job, Sheila befriends Kareena, a young woman who is more than she appears to be. Soon the kids are in the middle of a VERY bitter family feud indeed!

    Episode 26: Cave Of The Fairie Dragons
    Tasmira, queen of the Faerie Dragons, is held prisoner by the greedy King Varen, who desires the fabulous treasure they guard. Aided by the sassy little dragon Amber, the gang must free her and help her people relocate to a new home.

    Episode 27: The Winds Of Darkness
    The Darkling, a skeletal creature of darkness, kidnaps Hank. The kids have to convince the kindly Martha to help rescue their leader, before the Darkling claims his final victim and his Winds of Darkness destroy all light in the Realm. But Martha has been hurt by the creature one too many times and wants nothing to do with their quest.

    Episode 28: Requiem PDF(The Unproduced Dungeons and Dragons Finale)
    This episode was written by the series original scriptwriter Michael Reaves but has not been produced for television.

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