Dungeons Game Of The Year Edition-FiGHTCLUB (Game PC/2011/English)

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    Dungeons: Game Of The Year Edition
    Language: English
    PC Games| Team: FiGHTCLUB | Publisher: Kalypso | Developer: Realmforge Studios | ISO | 1.25 GB
    Genre: Puzzle

    In Dungeons, our protagonist falls victim to a devious plot batched by his vile, nasty and thoroughly vicious ex-girlfriend and finds himself at the bottom of the underworld hierarchy and the top of the dungeon pile which in this world is about as bad as it can get. Our Lord must have his revenge, and make his way back down the dungeon levels to his rightful place - but first he must deal with his new bosses, the three despicable Dungeon Lords who stand in his way. Revenge will be sweet indeed!

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    The Game-Of-The-Year-Edition of Dungeons is the prefect bundle for anyone who may have missed this jewel of black humor. It contains the fully up to date version of Dungeons as well as the two DLC packs with over 37 single player maps across five different game modes (including the all new Pi ata game mode) plus an exclusive double sided poster

    * Includes the full version of Dungeons, two DLC packs and exclusive poster

    * Defeat enemy Boss Monsters and become the true Dungeon Lord

    * Be EVIL! Sabotage your enemies' dungeons and swarm them with your own monsters

    * Craft your dungeons using nearly 300 objects ranging from rusty chandeliers to blood torture racks

    * Use any of 30 types of monsters to battle a variety of increasingly challenging hero classes

    1. Unpack the files with WinRar or equivalent
    2. Burn or mount the .iso file
    3. Install the game
    4. Run the update located in FiGHTCLUB folder on the DVD
    It will update the game to version
    5. Run the game, block it from accessing internet in firewall
    or by other means. If successfully blocked it will nag about
    no internet connection found
    6. Enter this serial when prompted:
    7. Play the game and if you like it BUY it!

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