NitroFlare DVDRemaster Pro 8.0.3 (Mac OS X)

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    DVDRemaster Pro 8.0.3 (Mac OS X) | 35 MB
    DVD5, that's what the industry calls a conventional single-layer DVD and a face, a format of 4.7 Gb that it is impossible to swallow a top DVD video size, so we will go to DVDRemaster, with the intent of backing safety of our DVD adapted the DVD5.

    The fact is that DVDRemaster has been specially designed to cover these tasks, compressing DVD large to fit on a standard DVD format DVD5.

    Among the different types of information found on a DVD audio DVDRemaster retouch only thanks to its modular architecture based on two different techniques. The first is called M2Vrequantizer, a module that will quantify the video while leaving the vectors of the film. The second option is the M2Vdownsizer module, which will compress all video, including Video vectors, slower but higher quality.

    Both modules are based on the libmpeg2 and mpeg2enc libraries, which run under GPL and we augur well in terms of DVD sized files. The only thing is that in the case of a trial, the image appears mutilated for five seconds at one minute intervals, so you should test it before with a short video clip.

    OS X 10.6+

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