NitroFlare eBook Writing for Newbies : Create Your First Digital Product

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    eBook Writing for Newbies: Create Your First Digital Product
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    Book Writing Course That Will Lead You from "I Can't Even Write A Grocery List" to "I Just Finished My First eBook!"
    Have you ever wanted for you to earn something in addition to your job? Have you ever planned to share the knowledge with other people? Have you ever thought about writing a new book?

    Publishing ebooks has become quite common, but tips on how to write a good ebook isn't sufficient and so straightforward. Until the end of this course, you will have solid information of the steps it will require to write and publish your own ebook.

    This course will direct you through each of the steps associated with writing the E-Book. On day one, we'll discuss why should you write one first of all. Next day I will help you planning and also organizing your job. On third day I will provides you with some general recommendations on what you ought to implement inside the book and what you ought to keep in mind while composing it. Fourth day will be about taking action with writing and offers basic instructions how to utilize Microsoft Word to write your book. Finally On last day I'll give you some tips on how to sell the actual book.

    Let's create your first Digital Product at the end of this week!

    Click the "Take this course" button at the top of the page, to enroll now!

    What are the requirements?
    - You should take out at least 2 hours a day for a week to complete the book
    - You should not skip any section from the course
    - Microsoft Word installed in your Computer (or any other writing software you prefer)

    What am I going to get from this course?
    - Over 28 lectures and 52 mins of content!
    - Get ideas that you never even knew existed out of your mind, onto paper and into your very first e-book quickly and easily
    - Find out if people will buy your book BEFORE you even start to write it
    - Finally complete and publish your own book

    What is the target audience?
    - This course meant for newbies who do not know where to start for writing a Book
    - No prior writing experience is needed
    - This course is NOT intended for you if you want to learn advanced techniques to write a book
    - This course is probably NOT for you if you already know about Keyword Research, Writing and Selling an eBook







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