NitroFlare EditRocket 4.2.4 (Mac OS X)

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    EditRocket 4.2.4 (Mac OS X)
    EditRocket is a source code editor, text editor, and software development tool with custom tools and support for the following programming languages:

    Enhanced Feature Set Standard Feature Set
    C Java Perl Scala ActionScript Groovy TSQL
    C++ JavaScript PHP Shell Script Ada PL/SQL Win Batch
    CSS JSP Python Text COBOL SQL
    HTML Objective-C Ruby XML C SQL PL
    EditRocket provides the tools and features necessary to allow programmers to edit, create, debug, and navigate source code quickly and easily.

    Browse the complete feature reference or check out the highlights below.

    Whats new in Version 4.2.4:
    Added better support for hi-res monitors
    Added a preference for only displaying file modified warnings when file size changes
    Added support for more encryption ciphers for SFTP
    COBOL syntax highligher only displays line as a comment if asterisk is in column 7
    Upgraded SSH library
    Search now scrolls viewable area 3 lines past the line the search result is on for better readability
    EditRocket is a powerful text and source code editor for programmers with support for over 20 languages including HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Objective-C, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, XML, C, C++, Shell Script, and many more. Includes many tools to help users write code quickly and easily such as syntax highlighting, code builders and sidekicks, function and method navigators, function lookup, code and tag completion, regular expression search and replace, bracket and tag matching, HTML, CSS, and XML validators, file compare, and much more.

    System requirements:
    OS X 10.7 or Later

    Link Download:
    Download Via Nitroflare
    Download Via xxxxxxxx
    Download Via xxxxxxxx

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