Eggs (1995)

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    Rating: 6.8 (437 votes)
    Runtime: 83
    Language: Norwegian
    Country: Norway
    Color: Color

    File size: 911mb
    Video: avi XviD 1368kbps
    Audio: mp3 142kbps

    Description: Two brothers in their seventies, Pa and Moe, have lived together all their lives in a little house in the country, the only interruption being when Pa made a weekend trip to Småland on his moped during the second World War. The past returns when his adult son dating from his Swedish visit, Konrad, comes to live with them after his mother has fallen ill. Soon Moe is about to discover that three is indeed a crowd...

    Eggs was a favourite at numerous international festivals upon its release. Director Bent Hamer is one of Norway’s most distinctive filmmakers. His films have been distributed in more than 40 countries and have won him over 30 awards.

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    No subtitles



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