NitroFlare Elite Kindle Cover

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    Elite Kindle Cover

    Sales Page:
    Completely Brand New

    It's original works of mine. It also has High quality designs,
    and everything has Done For You!

    Easy To Use & Edit

    All the templates are fully customizable using Photoshop,
    all source files also included in the package

    Money & Time SAVER

    No more hiring expensive designer, Now you can just edit this covers in minutes to get your covers done!

    Make More Money

    Yes, when you get your cover pop! your customer will love it. And It can increase your conversion to get more profits
    Take Closer Look What You'll Get Inside.


    No more creative design skill experience needed

    Say good-bye to costly designers for designing kindle covers

    No more wasting time explaining them what you need in a design

    And of course. it will SAVE you a TON of time and money!
    If you're NOT Photoshop expert you could pay a Designer to do it for you, but they could charge around $50-$90 per cover!

    If you've got money to burn, that might be a good option, but if you make products on even an occasional basis, $50 a piece for the covers can add up quickly.
    Do you know what other are charging you
    for this same design kit?

    What the heck!
    $13 - $22 HOURLY rate for a Kindle cover design??!!
    Oke. maybe you think you can easy go to Fiverr and spent just $5 to get your book cover done.
    But that's just for ONE cover!! And the wors thing is you do not get the source file!!

    You'll need to add more $20 to get the source file, It's $25 in total to get just ONE cover and the source file!
    So then how much you should spent if you want to get 40 covers done by your designer?


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