NitroFlare EON Reality EON Studio.

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    EON Reality EON Studio | 379 MB

    EON Studio is our flagship 3D authoring software for developing interactive 3D applications. With EON Studio, users of all experience levels can build complex, high-quality interactive 3D content with little to no programming experience.Whether you create 3D applications for architecture, marketing or training, EON Studio provides a unique range of benefits and functions making it a developer's preferred choice.

    Key Features
    18 import formats are supported, including 3ds, DWF 3D, DWG, DXF, IGES, Solidworks, STL, obj and VRML2.0. All textures are converted to suitable formats when importing.
    Over 100 nodes with functions such as motion models, sensors, operations, optimization, collision, as well as 100's of prototypes with encapsulated functionality.
    Real Time Rendering features include proprietary algorithms for anti-aliasing, transparency, environment mapping, shading, etc.
    Integration with standard software such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS PowerPoint and Visual Basic.
    Training features include nodes for assembly/dis-assembly, instructions in text or audio, evaluation of performance, and more.
    The MouseControl node allows you to control the movement and simulate click events of the mouse device within the simulation.

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