EPSILON Massey Ferguson 2.0.68 (Multilingual) + Update Libraries 2012.03 (2xDVD)

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    EPSILON Massey Ferguson 2.0.68 (Multilingual) + Update Libraries 2012.03 (2xDVD) | 8.69 GB

    The assembly of 2 drives. The 1st release is the image of the installation CD of the program and two discs with a DVD image file to install the library catalog of original equipment parts Massey Ferguson - EPSILON 2.0.68. In the 2nd: Update LIBRARIES Massey Ferguson 2012.03 for the EPSILON 2.0.68.

    Year: 2012
    Version: 2.0.68
    Language: English + Russian
    Medicine: Present

    Title:Update LIBRARIES Massey Ferguson 2012 for EPSILON 2.0.68 [ENG + RUS]
    Date: 03.2012
    Developer:AGCO Corporation
    Language:English + Russian


    File Library of augmented information and technical service (replacement of obsolete components with new, complete transcript, etc.)
    February 5, 2012 added an activation key, the program

    Step by Step Installation:
    The installation is better done on the disk, which indicates the installer.
    After you install and may need to restart the system do the following:
    Run the Epsilon Configuration
    The last tab in the menu to select a language program
    After this, go to tab Database Updates
    Hit the button at the bottom of Database Updates
    Line Database Load Type, select Machine Used On (import the two files)
    Line Database Update File, first specify the path to a Machine Used On (Installation CD: \ Database UPDATES)
    Click Load
    Then specify the path to the Machine Used On 2 (Installation CD: \ Database UPDATES)
    Again, click Load
    Next in line Database Load Type, select Master Supersession File
    Line Database Update File specify the path to Master Supersession File (Installation CD: \ Database UPDATES)
    Click Load
    We wait until the end of the import data and exit the configuration program
    Run Epsilon
    Enter the menu Tools (Tools) - Configuration (Configuration)
    Select the Libraries (Libraries)
    In the right window, select the line with the end of Epsilon Data \ Massey Ferguson \ Books
    At the top click on the book icon - Install Books (Set book)
    Select the File based library (file library)
    Specify the path to Books 1 (it was she, not the folder is located on the AGCO Epsilon books DVD.nrg)
    Click Next (Next)
    Is the directory specific types and models of vehicles (better to select all at once)
    Again, click Next (Next)
    We wait until the end of a long process of installation directories
    After installing the Books folder and also set a folder Books 2 (it was she, not a folder located on the AGCO Epsilon books DVD2.nrg)
    go - Service-Configuration-License-surfactants at the top click green + paste the license key - OK (Toko does not need to understand both the key and the one I shoved both) and Toko after etogo-WORK.
    I would like to know who lope occupy Epsilon Data Base on my drive - 6.41 GB
    at the same time as the DVD - 4.08 GB DVD 2 - 3.92 GB chegoto can not deliver?

    Databases are updated in 2 ways:
    A. run booksync, select the brand and put an end to the choice of sync with the base of the internet, used to synchronize or not torogat. In this case, update the brand. (Very long)
    Two. In the catalog there is an item in the settings (perhaps the name of the items will not be entirely accurate) - set of libraries. Select interest to us, click install, then, install from internet (not all brands, but the key is) - and gives you all the tree models of vehicles for the brand. Choosing the right - and more. Here is the new base. Faster and more efficiently. At the same time and updated.
    In principle, this assembly only installation disk and keys. The rest you can download yourself.

    Useful article:
    After installing a new license for 2011, the fastest of the book, some models of vehicles will no longer open - like you have no rights, even though we have registered the key.
    Out of this situation is possible in two ways:
    A. booksync run and choose to sync all the books (you can only set). In this case, you have a normal internet and the computer is best left for the night
    Two. complete the entire program and the book to remove and reinstall
    Would recommend a better first option

    Disc 2:
    Updated as of March 2012 the library file for the catalog of original equipment parts Massey Ferguson - EPSILON 2.0.68.
    A disk image is made up of all available, as of the date above, catalogs of spare parts from the official source.
    Extras. Information: Quick help for installing libraries - in the file "Epsilon DATA 2012 HELP"

    RAR Password is: scenerelease_stuff_by_saud_1
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