NF + K2S + RB Erectnophobia 1 (1991) VHS to DVDR

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    This was the 506th post made to abdec. It was posted by Noschidt on June 12, 2005.

    I don't have any of the original NFO or cover files that might have posted with this film.

    Produced in 1991. English. Run time of 1:20:09. DVD size of 4302.145536 MB.

    This is a homemade NTSC DVD produced from a VHS tape.

    This DVD has been processed through PgcEdit to remove any PUO's and to rebuild the time map.

    IAFD Entry:

    Erectnophobia 1 (1991)

    Director: Jerry Ross
    Distributor: Midnight Video
    All-Girl: No
    All-Male: No
    Compilation: No
    Release Date: No Data


    Courtney (Credited: Alisha Jordean): Anal DP
    Ashley Dunn (Credited: Ashley Downing): LezOnly
    Danielle Rodgers (Credited: Danielle Rogers): Facial
    Don Fernando
    Flame: LezOnly
    Jeff James
    Nick East (Credited: Nick E.)
    Randy Spears
    Amber Woods (Credited: Truly Scrumptious): Anal

    Scene Breakdowns

    Scene 1. Courtney, Don Fernando, Jeff James
    Scene 2. Danielle Rodgers, Randy Spears
    Scene 3. Amber Woods, Nick East
    Scene 4. Ashley Dunn, Flame
    Scene 5. Danielle Rodgers, Jeff James

    VHS Rear Cover Description:

    A beautiful girl lures men to her house with promises of "sucking the life out of them". Little do they know that she means it literally. That is, until she runs into every spider's nemesis... but you'll have to see for yourself what that is.

    Danielle Rogers portrays a human black widow spider who devours her lovers after sex in a video that contains a fair amount of sizzling action. She brings the guys back to her lair, turns into a brunette, screws their brains out... and then they're never seen again. Can you imagine spunky Randy Spears, naked and spread-eagled, on a huge dark spider-web bed, screaming in fear as a naked girl with an hourglass painted on her navel mounts him?

    The remainder of plot also features some wild action. Cute Truly Scrumptous puts her perfect little butt on the literally line as she is double-teamed right on top of a bar, in one of the tape's two inspired anal scenes. Flame still loves the ladies, and the rest of the cast performs admirably. It's rare when an off-beat video like this can still deliver fine sex scenes, and this is just such a tape.

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