Escape Dead Island XBOX360-COMPLEX

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    Explore the quarantined island of Narapela and get to the bottom of the sinister zombie virus plaguing humanity in Escape Dead Island, a survival mystery game set in the Dead Island universe. In this action-packed single-player game, fans will take on the role of ambitious Cliff Calo, son of a wealthy media empire mogul with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove, as he traverses across the globe to Banoi after hearing about the gruesome events that took place in the original global best-seller, Dead Island. Can Cliff uncover the clandestine origins of the virus and get out before it’s too late?

    Publisher: Fatshark
    Developer: Deep Silver
    Genre: Action

    Release Name: Escape.Dead.Island.XBOX360-COMPLEX
    Size: 7.29 GB

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        C O M P L E X
         P R E S E N T S: Escape Dead Island
         Region: RF Languages: English
         Size: 1 DVD Genre: Action
         Platform: XBOX 360 Date: 11/2014
         Release Info:
         Escape Dead Island is a third-person mystery-action-adventure game set
         on the enigmatic island of Narapela during the zombie outbreak of Dead Island
         Escape explores the origins of the virus through the eyes of would-be
         documentarian Cliff Calo, who will switch between fighting and stealth in
         a shifting world that's never what it seems, brought to life with edgy
         vibrant comic visuals
         Enjoy This Fine COMPLEX Release

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