NitroFlare ETKA 7.3 + 7.4 + 7.5 (1100) International 01.2016 + x64 + Base hardlok Penguins

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    ETKA 7.3 + 7.4 + 7.5 (1100) International 01.2016 + x64 + Base hardlok Penguins | 4.3 GB
    Electronic catalog ETKA contains full information on spare parts and accessories for cars of concern VAG (VW, Seat, Skoda, AUDI), including minibuses.
    Extras. Information: The assembly was made to review the program features Marker clients company LLC "RVV-AUTO" and not for commercial use podhodit.Dlya Use the official program for the selection of the site or parts Ethos
    31.12.2015 Release of updated, revised and optimized installation guide and structure of files and folders + added worker 20 cartoons for x32, integrated the latest update + updated boot, just to be fully compatible with version 7.5 and recycled by analogy with its ini files and folder structure , adapted updater files Marker are now on the path c: \ ETKA \ VWAU \
    For invaluable help in the release of huge thank algeni
    Thank you so much for working 20 cartoons!
    Pre update: VW / AU - 1100, SK - 632, SE - 626.
    The distribution instructions for installing and updating, read carefully.
    Updating price lists, database updates for Labels, off mandatory updates, switching between versions or disable warnings Version 7.3 image files is done with the loader from algeni launched from the shortcut
    The version can be used in a mode to 7.3 breaking Penguins folder FGST, and in a mode to 7.4 breaking updates and online using the paid service.
    Label and version are set to drive C when betting on another disk, you have to edit the label and use the INI files in acc. folders to your hard drive
    Can be installed on drive C:, D:, E: and F:
    At International installed locale and price for Russia, they can be changed to any other, except in Germany, using the loader.
    For the German version of the price list must be used GERMANY, there prices are updated together with the installation of updates.
    To reduce the size distribution and installation time are removed redundant folder Prog2 and DATA2, they will appear during the upgrade.
    The integrated version of the latest updates and additional photos taken with Tekar project, for which many thanks to him.
    The distribution can be installed base Penguins for use in 7.3 mode

    Year / Release Date: 2016
    Version: + +
    Developer: LexCom Informationssysteme GmbH
    Developer website:
    Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
    Medicine: Present

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