NitroFlare Evolution Seminars Audiotherapy

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    Evolution Seminars Audiotherapy

    The Evolution Seminars Packs - 3 fantastic packs in all and valued at over $1500.

    The Champion Pack
    The 3 Most Important Programs Ever! If you've ever needed an extra boost, the Champion Pack is for you. If you've ever fallen just short of a goal, the Champion Pack is for you, too. If you've ever found yourself procrastinating when you have lots of work to do, then the Champion Pack is for you! And if all three of those apply to you, join the club! These will be the three most valuable programs you've ever participated in. You can amplify your income, maximize your love life, and perfect your health, all at once! The key? Energy. Not only physical energy, but mental and emotional energy as well!

    DISC 1:
    Unleash Your Inner Champion will power you up in an instant. Go from depressed to excited in mere seconds! Go from powerless to complete confidence in no time at all! Be in total control of your emotional state to compete stronger, love more, and work better. However you want to feel, you can.

    DISC 2:
    Motivated In Minutes is a bit more specific, but no less powerful. After this program, you'll find it next to impossible not to go straight to finish up your to-do list! Create the mental energy it takes to finally take the action necessary to create the life of your dreams.

    DISC 3:
    Turbocharge Your Energy taps into your metabolism to give you an extra jolt, right when you need it most! Amplify your life with no effort at all, and create all the physical energy you could ever want! You can change your life in an instant. With the Champion Pack, you can truly accomplish anything!

    Hypnosis Health Pack
    Does it feel like your body's gotten away from you, like you don't have control? Maybe you have an old injury that's holding you back. Maybe it's insomnia that prevents you from living the life of your dreams. Or maybe you just need to donate some extra pounds back to the Universe! Whatever the problem, Hypnosis can help.

    DISC 1:
    With Recover Your Perfect Health, it takes just minutes to accelerate your recovery from any illness, from flu to sunburn! Tap into your body's innate ability to heal from old injuries, cure the common cold, and erase your headaches - without drugs.

    DISC 2:
    In Forever Thin, you'll learn how simple it is to change your life. By the end, you'll find it effortless to revise the old habits and shed those extra pounds!

    DISC 3:
    Stress-Free in Seconds is the program you've been waiting for. Not only will it instantly obliterate your stress level, but it will give you the tools to stay calm in the center of the storm, whenever and wherever it may arise.

    DISC 4:
    A full night's sleep is a beautiful thing: it recharges your body, renew your cells, and make your days even more efficient. And that's why Sweet Dreams is so important - by helping you sleep, it lets you live! Plus, this program comes with a special bonus track - a "sleep replacement" that crams a 2-hour power nap into just 7 minutes!

    DISC 5:
    Eliminate Your Pain is for those of us with any kind of long-term pain - what if you could erase 20 years of agony in just 10 minutes? Now you can, through this powerful program. Arthritis pain? Gone. Residual effects of an old surgery? Erased!

    DISC 6:
    If there's one addiction that has debilitated the most people in this country, it's cigarettes. Not everybody has this challenge, but many do. And that's exactly the reason we've included Breathe Free: Be Smoke-Free in our Health Pack. With years of experience in addiction therapy, Matt Brauning brings a unique perspective to this pervasive threat, showing you how to break the chains of cigarettes with little to no effort!

    Prosperity Pack
    There are three aspects to every person's life: their past, present, and their future. Sadly, if just one of these is incongruent for success, we lose. But how easy would it be to create financial prosperity if you removed all the limiting beliefs from the past about making money? What about creating future goals that manifest automatically? And most importantly the present day mindset designed to attract wealth? That's exactly why we created the new cutting edge Prosperity Pack NLP and Hypnosis program.

    DISC 1:
    With Re-Decide Your Limits, you'll be able erase every decision that's ever held you back, in order to replace them with something new and empowering! With hands-on exercises and Time Dynamics™ audio and video, you'll rein in your past mistakes in no time at all.

    DISC 2:
    In Magical Manifesting, you'll discover the secrets of time that allow you to create goals that manifest themselves automatically! Combining the power of NLP and Time Dynamics™, this CD and DVD pack puts the future of your dreams at your fingertips.

    DISC 3:
    Powerful Prosperity is a Hypnotherapy program that changes the listener's present moment at a very deep level. Matt Brauning, MNLP MTD MHt, leads you into a state of readiness, preparedness and awareness that used to be reserved for only the most successful among us.

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