Fýreproff ( 2008 )

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    FIREPROFF ( 2008 )

    FIREPROOF, from the same team that made the 2006 hit FACING THE GIANTS, is a Christian relationship drama with a very strong message. The film stars Kirk Cameron of the classic television series... FIREPROOF, from the same team that made the 2006 hit FACING THE GIANTS, is a Christian relationship drama with a very strong message. The film stars Kirk Cameron of the classic television series GROWING PAINS as Captain Caleb Holt, a fireman whose fearlessness is limited to his work. At home with his wife of seven years, Caleb shows little of the bravery he displays on the job, and has a failing marriage as a result. Fighting over every little thing, Caleb and his wife, Catherine (Erin Bethea), are on the verge of signing divorce papers when Caleb's father and coworkers urge him to approach his marriage in the same way he fights vicious flames. When Caleb's father gives him the " Love Dare," a 40-day guide to religiously motivated marriage help, Caleb begins a difficult journey to reclaim his wife, and in the process, his faith in God. With several action-packed scenes, FIREPROOF uses fire metaphors in its exploration of marriage. The film offers an alternative to the common romantic comedy and, some might argue, a more multidimensional view of romance. The film examines both the ups and inevitable downs of married life, offering faith as a prescription for saving what may at first glance appear to have already failed. Likely to please its target audience, the film offers a fresh perspective on marriage and inspiring relationship tips viewers
    may want to try regardless of their faith.


    Runtime : 2 hrs 2 mins
    Genre : Drama
    Theatrical Release :Sep 26, 2008
    Starring: Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea, Ken Bevel, Jason McLeod
    Director: Alex Kendrick
    Screenwriter: Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick
    Producer: Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick, David Nixon
    Composer: Mark Willard
    Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films



    This is a Very Good Movie and well worth the time to Download it

    I personally xxxxxxxx this Movie for your Viewing Pleasure

    Please keep this Alive for awhile for awhile .... Was alot of Work .....

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    Thanks a lot.:heyo:
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    Your Very Welcome ....

    This is Just an FYI ...

    If You really liked the movie ....

    and thought you might want to test it ....

    I found the :

    " The Love Dare " paperback book at Wal-Marts

    for $10.43 ....

    I bought one for me and one for the wife ...

    We've got 31 years in ...

    We Need all the help we can get ... LOL

    Just thought i pass the information ...

    Plus there's a cool site called :

    fire proof my marriage dot com that is useful ...

    Enjoy : DOC
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    Thanks for the share.
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    Your Welcome....

    Glad to see many are downloading it

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    Thank you very much for the post.
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    Enjoy ... Great Movie

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    aaaaaaaaah...............finally a christian movie :D thanx for the share.
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    thanks for the good movie
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    the title should be Fireproof (2008)
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    10x Doc.
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    Thank you for your work and time!!!!
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    Your Welcome Everyone....

    very Happy to See So Many People

    have been Downloading this Great Movie....

    I really Hope that others benitfit as much as My Wife and i have

    from this Movie and the Book " The Love Dare "

    It's Not Easy ... But the Rewards are Unbelieveable !

  14. T.y.v.m. ! ! ! ! ….
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    please screenshot :mda:
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    Yes... It takes a little Extra time downloading this Movie,

    But is WELL WORTH the Extra Time ....

    This one was personal Copied and is very Good Quailty ...

    Im really not sure how to compress it smaller ?

    But , Maybe one of the pros can do it for you ....


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