Family Life (1971) Dual (English & Italian)

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    Rating: 8.1/10
    Runtime: 108
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Color

    Director: Ken Loach
    Sandy Ratcliff ... Janice Baildon
    Bill Dean ... Mr. Baildon
    Grace Cave ... Mrs. Baildon
    Malcolm Tierney ... Tim
    Hilary Martin ... Barbara Baildon
    Michael Riddall ... Dr. Donaldson
    Alan MacNaughton ... Mr. Caswell
    Johnny Gee ... Man in Garden
    Bernard Atha
    Edwin Brown
    Freddie Clemson
    Alec Coleman
    Jack Connell
    Ellis Dale
    Terry Duggan

    Description: Scripted by David Mercer, Family Life concentrates on the tragic plight of Janice (Sandy Ratcliffe), a suicidal 19 year-old girl sent into a nervous breakdown by the her oppressive family situation. Forced to live in an impersonal society, there is little hope for her. Her sense of individual identity has been all but destroyed by the her uncomprehending relatives. To make matters worse, she is also faced with a mechanistic medical establishment which sees pills as being the only way to a cure. Incorporating R.D. Laing's theories, the whole drama takes the form of a full frontal attack on the two of Britain's most sacred institutions, the family unit and the NHS. Janice's illness is presented as an inevitable response to a hostile environment. The naturalistic acting of the cast very much aids in the process of getting the film's message across. All in all, it is a remarkable piece of work that positively cries out to be watched. Don't ignore its plea!

    Dual Audio: English & Italian;
    Hard-coded French Subtitles.

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