Family Nest (1979)

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    Amazon Review:
    In this gritty family drama* a young couple are forced to live with the husband’s parents in a one-room apartment because of the housing shortage faced by most Eastern European countries under communism. The proximity of too many people in a small space results in endless arguments and bleak consequences. Shot in a cinema verite documentary style* this impressive first film by Tarr captures the lives of an ordinary family in a broken society.

    And from IMDB:
    Bela Tarr's first full length film is a bleak indictment of communist housing policy; A young couple and their daughter are forced to live with the husband's family in a tiny flat in which tempers frequently flare. The close camera work and grainy documentary style capture the claustrophobia and indignity of life at close quarters with those you don't like; the father-in-law is a malevolent Iago-esquire figure* forever whispering conspiracies to his son. The couple are desperate to leave* but* as their meetings with the government officials show* there is no prospect of escape for years to come; This is despite many usable flats standing empty* unused for bureaucratic reasons.. We learn more of the characters as the second half of the film effectively becomes a series of monologues* which further convey what a bleak place 1970's Hungary was.

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